How Do I Research My Genes?

DNA Test

Today, I’m sharing my #1 secret to longevity; yep, I’m aging! You are, too, my friend, and I’m totally invested in keeping your knees strong, your brain firing with powerful cognition, and your memory working for the long haul!

Every single one of us has a different set of genes.

Our unique genetic predispositions, environment, and lifestyle can all impact our health, for worse or for better. As someone in recovery, I’ve reconciled some of the unhealthy impact of my younger years from learning how to support my DNA. You can, too, when you grasp the importance of what I’m sharing with you today.

What if I told you that your genetics play a HUGE role in your health, and you can learn how to turn certain genes “on” and “off” to optimize your health, all from the luxury of your couch?!

This is exactly what I have been doing for myself, my family, clients, and friends. I’ve been using SelfDecode, an all-in-one platform that combines your DNA, lab tests, and environmental data to give you personalized health advice that is tailored to your body. #score

They have wellness reports for things like anxiety, stress, mood, blood sugar, food sensitivity, gut health, cholesterol, and so much more!

If you’ve wanted to learn more about your body or just need some direction when it comes to your health regimen, you can get started by:

  1. Ordering your own DNA Test Kit from SelfDecode

  2. Or upload your DNA file from other companies like Ancestry, 23andMe, or FamilyTreeDNA

SelfDecode is one of the better-known companies out there that is analyzing more data and using AI and machine learning along with a growing team of top scientists from all over the world to help YOU reach precision health! I just freaking love them. I have trained with two other companies, and I come back to SelfDecode for its simplicity and proven results.

I do want you to know that your DNA is complex, and you may need some assistance, make sure to reach out to a qualified practitioner who is well-versed in epigenetics, nutrigenomics, and DNA… Or you can HIRE ME.

This is my invitation to take your health to the next level; the impact that you will have on your health with these tools is incredible. Are you ready to get to know your DNA better than ever before? Put your health first and grab your DNA; learn what steps you can take now for your future self!

Start today. Take a nice big breath, slow it down today, and enjoy the moment. Think about how incredibly powerful your genes are and how you are taking action to support them.

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