Learn how I quieted my anxious, nervous mind and "Lifejacket Update"!

I had a few moments of total awkwardness, well, more than a few. In my early recovery, I would have jumped ship and said, I'm out; I can't take it, but instead...

Hello Friend, there is so much going on with Tamar and I, wowza. I'm kicking off with an official update:

1—We have hit our second deadline for our publisher; Chapters 1-15 have been completed and submitted! Boom. Below, you can see our editor, Tamar, and myself putting in the hours! Can you tell who is who? 🤣🤣🤣

2—I have officially opened up The Mindful City, a weekly newsletter dedicated to all things mindfulness, particularly how to become a teacher and guide in your local area. You can opt-in here. Or you can grab the Mindful City Teacher's Roadmap.👇🏼

3—Okay, here's the DL on this newsletter: the Lifejacket and the Laughing Without Liquor podcast… They will go to bed and sleep. We have loved creating this content and sharing our stories with you, but all good things come to an end. In recovery, if we are lucky enough, we grow and change; we laugh at ourselves, get embarrassed, do stupid things, pause, and start again—because we can. We can do anything in sobriety as long as we don't pick up and get drunk. The podcast and the blog with all our past juicy conversations will be here for you. Don't be shy. You can still share it!

4—Moving on… I recently had a conversation with a new friend, someone I admire; it was uncomfortable. I had a few moments of total awkwardness, well, more than a few. In my early recovery, I would have jumped ship and said, I'm out; I can't take it, but instead, I sat there next to this person and simply jumped into open awareness. I used my practice to support my anxious mind. I used my breath to help me feel settled. I used my eyes to see vibrant colors that allowed me to stay in the present moment. Mindfulness is a practice that keeps me connected even when I want to check out and disappear when a mere second in my life is challenging, complex, awkward, and downright tricky. This week on the Sober Curator, I'm sharing about the Mindful Molecule and how to use it not only in recovery but in all walks of life.

I hope you stay with me on this continuous journey of a wildly joyful life!

I also created a Mindful Life Guide for you. Enjoy it!

5—We have doubled our commitment to The Sober Curator, which brings me so much joy. Make sure to follow us there.

Recently, I've been exploring the poetic power of language. I crafted a phrase that encapsulates the essence of the transformative work I guide my clients through. Are you ready for it? "Mindful Molecule." This concept invites you to unearth the profound ways mindfulness can permeate the core of your existence—reaching deeply into your genetic code. It ventures into the fascinating sphere of epigenetics, illuminating how stress reduction, meditation, and mindful living can foster significant shifts in gene expression. Epigenetics is the study of how your behaviors and environment can cause changes that affect the way your genes work. Anchored in this realm, my "Mindful Molecule" concept delves into the transformative potential that mindfulness practices have on your genes. It is a deep dive into how intentional living, stress management and meditation can lead to profound changes in gene expression—essentially, how your cells read your genes. 

Read my column over on the Sober Curator: Spiritual Substance

Talk to you soon, big hugs.

Lane + Tamar

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