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Peptides and Metformin Oh My!

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This week, I'm getting a little personal. It's been a little over a year since I embarked on a transformative health journey—a quest that diverged from the shadow of the pandemic and led me down a profound path of self-discovery and rejuvenation. Reflecting on this experience, I realize it's more than just a story about peptides and biohacking; it's about resilience and a testament to the body's remarkable capacity for renewal. Our bodies are incredible!

The Wake-Up Call

I remember staring into the mirror, barely recognizing my reflection. The person looking back at me seemed distant—someone who had strayed far from her essence. I had gained 32 pounds, which was way more than physical; I was far from my former self. Pictures don't lie, and they certainly didn't spare my feelings: "Who is this old, fat person?" looking back at me. Yep, that's exactly what I said to myself: harsh, painful, and judgemental to the oomph degree! It was brutal! Vanity or degradation has never been my issue, yet here I was, utterly and profoundly disconnected from the person I knew.

The pandemic years were a time of upheaval for all of us, and I was no exception. Living in long-term recovery may have given me a bit more breathing space, but my body felt the burn of chaos and disconnection from my peers and weekly gatherings. I was an embodiment of stress in the form of daily Philz coffee, junk food relapses, and the loss of a 15-year commitment to gluten-free abstinence. I lost my abstinence in the blink of an eye over a bag of chips and doughnuts. My knees ached, my body fat shot up to 27%, sleep was elusive and broken, and my mood swings were horrific; I never knew what was coming. All of this was a physical manifestation of inner turmoil and a cry for help from every cell in my body.

Back to Biohacking Roots

I've been a massive advocate of biohacking for as long as I've been sober. The ethos, marrying science and self-experimentation, guided me through my darkest times. Realizing that I needed a change, I returned to my roots and dove back into the world of health optimization. My first step was a deep dive into my biomarkers—getting my blood work done and aligning it with my DNA to create a personalized health blueprint. This seems to work the best. Understanding my set of genes helped me to see if I didn't get my shit together, all bets were off; not only do I have two heightened DRDs I also have a SNP for HIF1A, which has been implicated with cancer, cardiovascular disease, and metabolic disorder!

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I had neglected myself. It was time to rewrite my narrative. I'd done it before, but I could do it differently.

Embracing Peptides

Peptides entered my world. These tiny proteins, known for their therapeutic potential, promised a doorway to healing. BPC-157, a peptide well-regarded for its regenerative properties, became my ally in mending my body's physical wear and tear. It was like giving my cells a new lease on life, an invitation to repair and rejuvenate. I used this for over eight months, cycling on and off for better results.

I also tried GHK-Cu, TB500, TA1, Semak, Tesamorelin, Larazotide, CJC1295, and others, which were all great for me. I will dive deeper into peptides and where to get them for the best pricing next week; hang tight!

Then I discovered Tirzepatide, a cutting-edge peptide heralded for its weight management and glucose regulation capabilities. I could feel its effects as I dove headfirst into this biohacking venture, committing fully to the transformation process.

Embracing Metformin for Holistic Health

In my quest to regain control over my health, I couldn't overlook the critical aspect of insulin and glucose regulation. It was essential to stabilize these swiftly to pave the way for a healthier metabolism. That's when Metformin became a pivotal component of my regiment. This medication, traditionally used to treat type 2 diabetes, revealed itself to be a multifunctional ally. Not only did it aid in balancing my blood sugar levels, but it also introduced me to its lesser-known but profoundly beneficial properties--like the regeneration of Akkermansia in my microbiome.

Akkermansia, a beneficial bacteria residing in our gut, is crucial in maintaining our gut lining, potentially influencing weight management and overall health. As I integrated Metformin into my routine, I could almost sense the revival of my internal ecosystem. It was as if each dose was tilling the soil of my microbiome, allowing these beneficial bacteria to flourish and, in doing so, fortifying my body's natural defenses.

Metformin wasn't just a band-aid it was a tool that helped restore the delicate balance of my body's functions.

The Transformation

My journey was neither quick nor easy; it's been work, just like getting sober. It has taken hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly effort. I have had to painstakingly investigate areas of my life that I thought were OKAY! No, not all my relationships are perfect, and my most significant relationship to care for is with myself and the inner resource. Like tending a garden, my health requires patience, care, and attentive nurturing. As weeks turned into months, the results began to show. The pain in my knees subsided, replaced by a newfound vitality in my step. My sleep patterns stabilized, making me feel refreshed and energized. The mood swings, once like erratic weather patterns, found a pleasant equilibrium.

And the weight? It melted away like the last remnants of winter, yielding to the warmth of spring. With each pound lost, I felt a piece of myself returning—like rediscovering lost treasures within my soul.

Looking in the Mirror

Today, when I look in the mirror, I see a familiar face. It's mine—I no longer question the identity of the person staring back at me. Instead, I meet my gaze with recognition and a silent nod of appreciation for our journey together.

Moving Forward with Gratitude

This experience with peptides was more than just a regimen—it was a catalyst for holistic change. It taught me the immeasurable value of health, the importance of listening to my body's whispers before they become screams, and the power of returning to one's roots.

As I continue on this path of wellness, I am humbled by the human body's resilience and the healing power of innovation.

I love this area of wellness so much. If you want to reclaim health, rediscover yourself, and renew life—one peptide at a time—get in touch!

Next Week, I will share my pictures if I'm brave enough. Let me know if you think that is helpful, and I'll share the before and afters.

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